Quilt Gallery

Within the Gallery you will find examples of pantographs, free motion, and custom quilting on customer’s quilts as well as my personal quilts. Prices vary per level and can even vary within the same level based on the complexity of the design. If you see something you like, let me know! I would love to talk with you about your quilt top, your design ideas, and how quilting can best compliment your design.

Pantographs or Pantos 

Pantographs or Pantos are continuous line quilting designs printed on a paper roll, which is placed on the bed of the longarm quilting machine. With the use of a laser light, the quilter moves the machine to trace the printed design and stitch the design onto the quilt top. This type of quilting is often referred to as “Edge to Edge” quilting. The following photos are examples of pantograph designs. You can also choose to use a pantograph on part of a quilt along with some custom quilting in another part. Design ideas are limitless.


Overall Free motion Design

Free motion or freehand designs are created strictly by the quilter without the aid of a pantograph or computer. Free motion designs can be “Edge to Edge” or “All Over” designs. All of the following examples are free motion quilting and they range from the simple meander, to loop de loop, swirls, and lastly, a free form flower/feathers on the watermelon quilt.

Custom Quilting

Free motion quilting becomes custom quilting when a new design is quilted in different areas such as each block and the borders. Ruler work is also considered custom. Custom quilting can be done with or without the use of a computer. At Bobbin to Bobbin, LLC, all custom quilting is hand guided, free motion quilting without the use of a computer.

Contact me at 412-389-1304 or at nora@bobbintobobbin.com for quality, hand-guided, longarm quilting and finishing services.

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