Pricing Guidelines

When you research prices for longarm quilting services, you will find that prices vary from quilter to quilter based on a number of factors such as, the quilt size (length X width), type of quilting (hand-guided, pantographs, custom, or computerized), density (minimal to heavy quilting) and your geographic location. To help decide on the type of quilting, you should also consider the use of the quilt. Will it be a “dragger,” meaning a child’s quilt that will receive a lot of “love” and washing, or a wall hanging or show quilt that receives very little ware and is rarely washed? The most economical route is to select a large, all-over design for a “dragger” and reserve the high-end custom work for the keepsake or show quilt.

Pricing for hand-guided, longarm quilting at Bobbin to Bobbin, LLC, begins at $.02 per square inch (psi) for a simple, large, allover design, such as meander or loop de loop. Custom work begins at $0.04. If you are asking, “How can I calculate a cost estimate for my quilt?”, here’s an example. Let’s say that your quilt measures 80″ x 100″. Multiply the width (80), x the length (100), to find the total square inches – in this case 80 x 100 = 8,000 square inches. Now multiply 8,000 by the baseline cost of $.02 psi to find the price of the quilting, which in this example is $160.00. For all quilting, at Bobbin to Bobbin, LLC, there is a $50 minimum charge.

As the size of the design gets smaller or the complexity of the design increases, the cost per square inch increases. Therefore, it is best to talk with your quilter directly for the most accurate estimate. A picture of your quilt will also be helpful in estimating. Other items that could add to the estimate are batting, backing preparation, binding, thread, pressing, trimming PA sales. You may also want to look at the Preparation Tips, for more details and suggestions.

98694225_scaled_125x166Quality and Care

At Bobbin to Bobbin, LLC, all quilting is done in a clean, smoke, and pet-free environment. As a quilter for 20 years, I understand the time and expense that goes into creating a quilt. I also understand the attachment that is formed through those many cutting/sewing hours, as well as your expectations for the successful completion of your quilt. My sister says, “You’re anal too fussy!” I say, “Yes, thank you very much!” When it comes to detail and handling a customer’s quilt, I consider “fussy” a good characteristic. I will treat your quilt as my own.

While they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, (and believe me, I am flattered), publishing without permission is not flattering or respectful. Please contact me for written permission before copying any photos, content, or blog posts from this website. Thank you!